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Everspruce Home Inventory App Reviews

We believe Everspruce is the best home inventory app for iPhone and iPad and a whole bunch of our users seem to agree. Everspruce is highly rated - with a 4.7 average star rating from hundreds of users. Here are just a few of the 5 star reviews Everspruce has received from actual users over the years: 


Excellent! Thankful! Excited! 

1 have quite a few hobbies...which means I'm creative... which means I tend to be messy. I spend a good 30 minutes per day searching for things, Or I "Lose" things. Recently I bought some furniture sliders so I can move furniture around by myself. I used them and put them away in a GREAT spot, but I couldn't find them just 3 days later. Lol. I'm excited about this app. This will relieve a lot of my frustration. I'II finally have a true place for things. Thank you for creating this app. Very helpful

To get started on your home inventory journey, read how to add home inventory areas to Everspruce.

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