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Customize your Home Inventory for Insurance with Additional Fields

Updated: Mar 16

Picture of the additional fields screen in the Everspruce Home Inventory App
All the additional fields you can customize in your Everspruce Home Inventory App


We believe Everspruce is the best home inventory app for insurance. There are a number of reasons we believe this, but one of the key reasons is our Additional Fields feature that we'll walk through in this blog post.

Note: this feature isn't for everyone. Lots of our users like to keep things simple, and so the fields that Everspruce enables out of the box are good enough to capture the information they need for their home inventory. But for other users, including those that want to use a home inventory app for insurance, need more fields to adequately capture the details of each entry. And the beauty is with Everspruce you can pick and choose which fields you want for your entries.

How do you access additional fields?

To access the additional fields section of the app, simply:

  1. Download Everspruce from the App Store.

  2. Open your Everspruce app.

  3. Tap on Settings, which is in the top right corner where the gear symbol is.

  4. Scroll down to the Settings section and tap on Additional Fields.

  5. You've arrived!

Which home inventory fields are available?

Here is a current list of additional fields. Note that we will add more in the future so if you see a field missing - please let us know.

  • Item Quantity: Item quantity is pretty many of this item do you have in your home inventory? Where Item Quantity really gets interesting though is when you combine it with the Item Value field below.

  • Item Value: Item Value is simply the value of the entry. So let's say for example, you have 5 balls of yarn that are each worth $8. You would make the "Balls of Yarn" entry's Item Value = $8 and you would make the Item Quantity = 5. Everspruce will automatically calculate the total value for the entry ($40) and display the overall total value for all entries in the Total Item Value section in the Settings page. This can be particularly helpful when you are trying to use your home inventory for insurance purposes, as you can make sure your policy coverage is adequate but not too much.

  • Item Notes: if you have additional information you want to capture about an entry and that the description doesn't give you enough space, you can use Item Notes.

  • Item Warranty Date: If you would like to capture the warranty date for an item, you can turn Item Warranty Date on and capture when the warranty expires for your entry.

  • Item Purchase Location: Item Purchase Location can be helpful when you run into an issue with your item. That way you know exactly where you need to go to get it fixed. This field can also be helpful for insurance claims as well.

  • Item Serial Number: Some insurance companies require Item Serial Number to prove you actually owned an item in case of loss. Check with your insurance agent to verify all the fields they require for a claim.

  • Item Manufacturer: Item Manufacturer can be useful in general, but it also can be required for insurance claims - check with your insurance agent to ensure you are capturing all of the necessary information needed for a claim.

  • Item Model: Item Model goes hand-in-hand with Item Manufacturer. If you need to capture it, Everspruce provides a dedicated field for it.

  • Item Instruction Manual URL: Most instruction manuals are going online and we thought it would be great to provide a place where you can capture the instruction manual location so you never have to worry about hunting for it when you really need it.

How do you turn a field on or off?

To turn a field on or off just tap the button on the right side of the field. Green indicates the field is on and gray indicates the field is off.


In conclusion, Everspruce offers the best house inventory app for iPhone and iPad users, including a powerful additional fields feature that sets it apart from other home inventory apps. While this feature may not be necessary for all users, those who want to use their home inventory app for insurance or capture more details of each entry will find it particularly useful. By using the Item Quantity and Item Value fields, users can easily calculate the total value of their inventory, which can be beneficial for optimizing your insurance coverage. Additionally, the app includes other useful fields such as Item Notes, Item Warranty Date, Item Purchase Location, Item Serial Number, Item Manufacturer, Item Model, and Item Instruction Manual URL. With the ability to turn fields on or off at will, users have the flexibility to choose which fields they need and tailor their home inventory entries accordingly. Download Everspruce from the App Store and explore the Additional Fields feature today!

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