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Capturing Home Inventory with Multiple Photos

Updated: Mar 16

A woman adding multiple photos to her home inventory entry.
Adding multiple photos to your home inventory entry ensures you capture all the necessary details.


We believe Everspruce is the best free inventory app for iPhone, and one of the reasons why is the ability to add multiple photos to your entries. In this blog post, we will discuss how this feature works and how it can help you organize your home inventory more efficiently.

The Multiple Photos Feature

Everspruce's multiple photos feature allows you to add multiple photos to a home inventory item, box, or area. You can set a default number of photos you want to take for each entry, or you can add multiple photos as needed by editing the entry as well. In addition, the feature is available when you add entries one at a time or in batch mode. This feature is particularly useful for capturing details of home inventory items that a single photo wouldn't cover. And another great use case is when you need to add documents or receipts for your home inventory for insurance.

Adding an additional photo to your home inventory

Further down in this blog post we will show you how to add a specific number of photos for every new entry you create, but sometimes you just want to add an additional photo to a specific item, box, or area to capture additional details. And in Everspruce, that is quite easy to do:

  1. Go to the entry detail for the entry you want to add an additional photo to.

  2. Tap on "Options".

  3. Tap on "Edit Entry".

  4. Tap on "Add/Edit/Delete Photo"

  5. Tap on "Add Photo"

  6. Tap the purple circle button to capture the new photo and add it to the entry.

  7. Your photo has been added to your home inventory entry!

Setting the default number of home inventory photos

To set a default number of photos you'd like to capture with each entry every time, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Everspruce app.

  2. Tap on Home (home button icon in lower left).

  3. Tap on Settings (gear icon in the upper right).

  4. Scroll down to "Number of Photos per Entry" and tap on it.

  5. Select a number between 1 and 10.

  6. Tap on "OK".

  7. Now when you add an entry, Everspruce will ask you to take that specific number of photos every time you add an entry.

  8. Note that this feature works for both adding entries one at a time and when you're using batch mode.

Capturing home inventory items with multiple photos

There are a number of ways you can leverage your default number of photos for your home inventory.

Adding multiple photos to entries one entry at a time

Now that you've set the number of photos per entry, when you go to add a new item, box, or area, Everspruce automatically asks you to capture that number of photos per entry.

Adding multiple photos to entries using Batch Mode

Batch mode is a great way to add multiple home inventory items quickly - and batch mode works with the multiple photos feature seamlessly. When you capture each entry in batch mode, you are asked to take the same number of photos referenced in the "number of photos per entry" setting. So for example, if you've set your "number of photos per entry" in Settings to two, then Everspruce will ask you to take two photos of each entry.

Organizing Items with Different Numbers of Photos

If you have items that require different numbers of photos, you can group them together to make the process more efficient. For example, if you have items that need only one photo and items that need two, you can group the one-photo items together and the two-photo items together. Then, you can set the number of photos per entry for each group in settings and add them accordingly.

Bonus Feature: Zooming In on Photos

Most of Everspruce features are requested by users like you, and thanks to a user suggestion, users can now zoom in on photos to see additional image details within the app. To access this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Everspruce app

  2. Tap on an item, box, or area to get to its detail page.

  3. Tap on the main photo to make Everspruce automatically enlarge it.

  4. From there you can pinch zoom in and out to view the finer details.


As you can see, Everspruce's multiple photos feature is a game-changer for organizing your home inventory. With the ability to add multiple photos to an item, box, or area, keeping track of important details, including documents and receipts has never been easier. Try this feature out today in the Everspruce Home Inventory App and see how it can make it easier to capture a comprehensive home inventory!

To continue learning more about the Everspruce Home Inventory App, read how to effortlessly export your home inventory to CSV or PDF file.

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