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Adding Areas to the Everspruce Home Inventory App

Updated: Mar 16

A woman adding an area in the Everspruce Home Inventory App.
Adding an area to the Everspruce Home Inventory App is incredibly easy.


We believe Everspruce is the best home inventory app for iPhone and iPad, and in this blog post, we'll get your home inventory journey started by showing you how to add your first area in the app. So without further adieu, let's get started!

Important things to note before we get started

Here are a few important things to note before we get started:

  1. Everspruce uses a nested doll structure for its home inventory entries. That means entries are parents to other children entries. In other words, entries contain other entries. This is a simple concept but it can yield powerful results once you get the hang of it:

  2. Areas can contain other areas, boxes, or items.

  3. Boxes can contain other boxes or items.

  4. Items need a parent entry that is either an area or box.

  5. Items cannot contain other entries.

  6. Most users add areas like "home", "garage", "living room", "closet", or "kitchen".

  7. Everspruce allows you to easily move entries to different parents so don't worry if you aren't exactly sure how you want to organize your home inventory just yet. Just get started and you can adjust your structure as you go or at a later time.

Adding an Area in the Everspruce Home Inventory App

Creating a new area in the Everspruce Home Inventory App is a super simple process:

  1. If you haven't already done so, download Everspruce from the App Store.

  2. Figure out what area you want to add and then head to that location.

  3. Open the app.

  4. Tap on the + button in the bottom center of the app.

  5. Tap on "Add new Area".

  6. If this is the first area you are adding, then skip to the next step. If you've already added previous areas, then you need to select what parent entry you want this entry to be under. You can select a root area if you want this area to be at the top of your nested doll structure, or you can place it within another area. For example, if you already have an area entry created called "home", then you would select the home entry to be the parent entry of a new "living room" entry. Additionally if you already had an entry called "living room" then you would choose that as the parent for the entry "living room closet".

  7. Now you are taken to the camera scene where you add a photo of the area. You can add photos two ways: with the camera OR with the photo library:

  8. To take photos with the camera, simply take a picture of your box by tapping on the purple circle.

  9. b. To add photos via the photo library, simply tap on the picture button in the upper right corner. From there you can select a photo and then tap "Done".

  10. c. Note that you can go into Settings and adjust the default number of photos you want to take with each entry and you can also add additional photos later on by going to entry detail page and tapping on "Options".

  11. Next, add a name for your area and an optional description if you want.

  12. Tap on Save to create the entry.

  13. That's it - you've just created an Area entry!


With your new area added, you've taken the first step to organizing your home like a pro. Continue adding more areas, boxes, and items, and reference this website or our social media channels for more tips and tricks for your home inventory journey. Happy organizing!

To continue learning more about the Everspruce Home Inventory App, read how to add home inventory boxes to the Everspruce app.

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