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Everspruce Home Inventory App

Introducing Everspruce, the best home inventory app that will change the way you organize and keep track of your belongings. With Everspruce, you'll never have to search for hours for that one item you need again.


Our app is packed with powerful features to make your life easier. With our search feature, you can easily find items by title, description, tag, or whether an item is checked out. Plus, you can import images from your photo library, and even add up to 10 photos per entry.


Our secure cloud backup ensures that all of your entries are safe and easily accessible from any device, and with our Multi-Device Support, subscribers can use the app on unlimited devices.


Everspruce also allows you to customize your entries with only the fields you want, including item quantity, value, warranty date, purchase location, and more. And with our PDF and CSV exports, you can share your inventory with others, or use it for backup purposes.


QR codes are also a popular feature, and our security pin code and Face ID give you added peace of mind. And with our Batch mode, you can quickly add home inventory entries by taking photos first, and then adding more details later.


Don't waste any more time searching for your belongings, download Everspruce today and start decluttering and organizing your home like a pro.

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Key Features

  • Completely free to try and risk free: Add up to 50 entries for free forever.

  • Simple and intuitive to use: It is so simple to get started. Just take a picture of your entry, fill out the name and any additional details and tap Save. You just created your first entry. 

  • Batch Mode: Batch mode is the fastest way to add entries.

  • Secure Cloud Backup: Entries are automatically backed up to our secure cloud.

  • Multi-Device Support: Everspruce subscribers can use unlimited devices to access their entries.

  • Multi-User Support: Multi-user support is coming soon!

  • QR Code Labels: Everspruce allows you to print out QR code labels for your boxes for quick and easy access to your entries.

  • PDF and CSV Export: Print out PDFs and CSVs to ensure your entries are always available.

  • Tags: Group similar items together with tags - even if those items may be in different locations. 

  • Multi Entry Move and Delete: It is incredibly easy to move or delete multiple entries at the same time. This ensures your items are always in the right location and always up to date.

  • Search: Search all fields and tags to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Image and Text Import: Everspruce allows you to import a photo from your photo library for an entry and we offer the ability to import entries by spreadsheet as well.

  • Customizable: Tailor the app to fit your unique needs including customizable fields, tags, and QR codes.


App Screenshots

App Screenshots

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